Extra Large Bamboo Pizza Peel – Natural Serving Board for Pizza, Sushi, Pastry, Cheese and Bread

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  • PIZZA – unlike other Pizza serving boards on the market, our Pizza Peel is large enough to ensure that up to “Large (14 inches)” American pizzas can be prepared, placed into and taken out of oven with its 8" long handle and 14" x 14" surface area
  • BAMBOO – strong and durable, it is the perfect material for great quality kitchen tools and utensils. Grown and harvested without pesticides. It is 100% organic, safe, biodegradable, and extremely good quality
  • VERSATILE – our pizza peel is the ideal accessory for anyone who has a pizza oven, but it also makes a perfect cutting board and serving board for steak, cheese, vegetables and other food. It is a great sushi serving platter and the perfect base for pastry preparation thanks to its large and generous size
  • DESIGN – done in the USA for American L pizzas. If using for homemade pizza, the 1” front and side slope and the square shape makes it easy to slide under pizza and remove it from the oven. This design feature works well with other food items too, the long handle enables you to have a two-handed grip when moving your food to and from the oven
  • GIFT – a unique and luxurious gift for those who love to cook and entertain guests. Perfect for Pizza ovens as well as a serving board for parties, events and special occasions such as Thanksgiving and Christmas