Extra Large Luxury Velvet Drawstring Hair Dryer Bag - 13.5 x 13.5 in - Navy

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Velvet bag for those who love to travel

Suitable for men and women. Store important items in this luxury, velvet drawstring hair dryer bag. Larger than your average velvet bag. It comes in very handy for travel. Perfectly sized to fit neatly in a suitcase or hand luggage you can keep personal items separate from the rest of your luggage to prevent scuffs and marks. It is a more luxurious alternative to a hair dryer case.

Alternative uses 

Our velvet bag is suitable for a range of items including hair accessories, hair straighteners, curling irons, rollers and hair pieces and clips. Existing customers also use theirs for makeup and beauty items, medicines, men’s shaving kit, and first aid items, as a jewelry holder when travelling and for personal cards and letters. There is no right or wrong way to use our bags. It’s such a generous size that it can accommodate many different items.

Why not use our bag to store and carry headphones or your laptop charger? It is perfectly sized to fit iPads and other tablet models and if you’re travelling, why not keep your neck pillow inside? It will keep it clean and away from other items in your main bag.

Generously sized, it isn’t too big to fit in a purse or handbag so you can store feminine products for extra privacy in your velvet drawstring bag. Sandals and sleepers fit perfectly. Next time you wear heels you can carry your flats so you can swap shoes if your feet start to hurt! 

Easy to keep clean 

Have your velvet, drawstring, blow dryer bag looking like new by machine washing in cold water with similar colors then tumble drying on low. The premium velvet and craftsmanship ensure our velvet bag with gold colored labeling won’t shrink in the wash, unlike others on the market. 

BUY NOW and store your hair dryer in a stylish velvet bag